Stopping time

Work has turned into passion and the hours spent at the firm have meant effort and trust. For over fifty years, the Beltrame family have been taking care of wood, bending it with dedication, attention and innovation. Thanks to their passion for the matter, they have developed, one by one, the machines they use to bend wood; in this way, not only have they invented a completely new job, but they also have defined as primary their steady will to learn from wood malleability. From there come a personal warehouse to choose the best wood species for any work and the production of curved elements for daily life. Transforming wood is complex and it cannot be explained nor it obeys maths laws. You need to know its secrets, its strengths, its breaking points, and have a generations-old experience in taming a permanently living substance. The elements, all minutely cared for, are manufactured in few pieces – often samples, prototypes and pre-series -, or just few hundreds, keeping on making feasible and saleable products.